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confute v : prove to be false; "The physicist disproved his colleagues' theories" [syn: disprove] [ant: prove]

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  1. To disprove or refute; to show something to be false.

Synonyms, Antonyms and Related Words

answer, answer conclusively, antagonize, argue down, be antipathetic, be inimical, beat against, break, clash, collide, conflict, conflict with, confound, contradict, contrapose, contravene, controvert, counter, counteract, counterattack, countercharge, counterclaim, counterpose, countervail, counterwork, cross, crush, defeat, demolish, deny, disconfirm, dismiss, dispose of, evert, finish, floor, go against, go counter to, interfere with, lock horns, make a rebuttal, meet head-on, militate against, nonplus, oppose, oppugn, overthrow, overturn, overwhelm, parry, put to silence, rebut, reduce to silence, refute, rejoin, resist, run against, run counter to, settle, shut up, silence, smash all opposition, squash, squelch, subvert, surrebut, surrejoin, swim upstream, undermine, upset, work against
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